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Are you confused about how to set up your perfect running week?

It's frustrating not knowing if your training is actually working to your potential. I understand how to construct a training week around your unique circumstances that will maximise your potential, help you to get faster, run for longer and avoid injury.

My running plans tailored to the individual, their experience and ability

I realised talking to lots of runners that many don't understand fully how to construct a training week. When to run easy, when to run hard? What types of run sessions to do and when to do them? Tempo runs versus Threshold runs or Intervals versus Hill sessions. When to back off and run easy or even how long they should be running for? How should a training plan develop and change as it moves towards a race or event and when should you start to back off and prepare for race day? How does all of this change dependant on not only ability and running experience but also on what someone is running and training for.

This is why I put together my running plans tailored to the individual, their experience and ability. Designed around the races or personal goals of that individual. Designed to make running simple.

After self-coaching for three years, I decided to take the leap and seek some help with my training. I worked with Coach Noel from the end of last summer, and even though my main goal was over a year away, he got straight to work. I've been able to pretty much disengage my brain and follow a plan that was tailored specifically for not only my end goal, but also my lifestyle.

Even though I'm still a fair way from my 'A race', I've had a string of PBs already, been injury free, and enjoyed my training so much more. If you want hassle-free training, simple race plans, and to improve your performances, then this is the place for you


I was introduced to Coach Noel and he assessed not only my fitness but my whole outlook on training, nutrition and even a psychological overview and we set some targets for the following season. He developed a training programme aimed at improving general fitness and body composition rather than my fixation with weight loss. He structured things to meet the races I had scheduled, incorporating a 'Build and Repair' phase. He explained the purpose of the different sessions and described how my performance should improve, helping me to understand how my body would react to the various sessions.

The programmes have given me an all important structure to my training and highlighted the importance of recovery. Without a doubt I am 100% happy with my training and am looking forward to the up-and-coming race year.


Noel is a brilliant coach. He worked out my training programme to suit me, his holistic approach meant that I actually stuck to it and got out there and trained. This wasn't always easy because I have a husband who works very long hours, two young children and I work! I also enjoy a full social life.

Throughout my training Noel was honest, fair and realistic; he explained everything in a way that I understood and each step led so seamlessly to the next that I always enjoyed my training. I even got rest weeks every now and again to keep me mentally fit. Despite all of that Noel was a tough trainer, I genuinely wanted to do my best for him as well as me.

During the time I worked with Noel I was fitter than I've ever been, I felt and looked fantastic, lost weight and best of all enjoyed my running like never before. I recommend working with Noel whatever your challenges and targets. He helped me run a marathon and for that I am eternally grateful


Benefits and Features

I use individual training plans so we can be efficient with your available time. We will make the most of your aerobic conditioning to give you the engine you need. We structure your training so you have the right amount of rest and can avoid injury. We use sessions that are appropriate to you and your goals so that you never feel intimidated and can reach your peak.

This means you won’t feel confused or anxious about the direction of your training. You know that you will be getting the most out of your time and effort.

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Our consultation is free and will allow you to talk to me about where you are with your training and what you want to do. There really is nothing to lose, I can give you advice on how to structure your training and get the most out of your running.

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