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Cross Training as a Triathlete

I've been running from the moment I could stand. I was the weirdo at school, aged 13, who loved Cross Country! I loved the freedom & being outside, getting lung full's of fresh air & doing what felt completely natural. My competitive running started around age 13 & continued late in to my 20's before career, family & life became my priority. My running evolved from trying to win races into something that most people would relate to, a way to stay fit and keep my weight down as well as a stress release valve from work and family. As my children have got older my competitive streak has come back & I'm racing competitively again. In the winter I focus back on my first running love Cross Country racing while come the summer I'm cross training as a Triathlete.

I've been fortunate to run for a few clubs in my running life & been influenced by some great coaches. One in particular when I was at University changed my life and attitude to training. At this stage of my life I felt running was all about going as hard as possible all the time. He taught me a huge amount but in particular the importance of a properly constructed plan. The right sort of running at the right time. What type of run should follow another, when to run easy and what that really meant. Importantly he also taught me how a training plan should develop over time, my own running performances transformed for the better under this guidance

Cross Training as a Triathlete

One of the beauties of running is that you can just put your shoes on & head out of the door, & it's one of the reasons I'm so passionate about it. This will only get you so far though, & I find myself frustrated when I see how easily peoples running could progress with only a few small changes.

It could be understanding what sessions to do when and when in the week to do them. Almost always people misunderstand when to run easy and when to run hard and just how easy some runs should be. How to let their training plan evolve & develop over time to gradually build performance. I love seeing how you can make big differences to your running sometimes with only small changes.

Where were you? how did you feel about your running, what were you doing what couldn't you do etc

I had run 2 marathons before, but not achieved great times, but that was not surprising as all I did was run, and steadily increase my mileage. I knew a better time was in me, so with Noel's help, his programme, and his vast knowledge I trained for 8 months and achieved my goal of a sub 4 hour marathon. I enjoyed my running, and had started to get faster, but just needed that extra help to know what I should be doing, that direction that Noel could provide.

What were you worries/biggest fears - about training as well as your goal race. What did you think it was going to be like?

I disliked and feared sprints... I just thought I wasn't able to do them! But the way Noel builds up the speed naturally, I started to look forward to the sprints! By the end I loved them! I knew the sub 4 was in me, and Noel also let me know it was in me. I don't think I feared the training, but I did fear the goal would not be met. I feared injury as the workload would increase. I did get injured, but just running niggles, and my training allowed for these injuries to be resolved. I knew it was going to be hard work, and Noel expected me to work hard - he poured his knowledge and expertise into my training programme, so he deserved for me to work hard in response.

What was it actually like? what was your first week like, how was your relationship with me?

It was fun! I like having direction, and being told what I should be doing - I am happy to put in the hard work, but don't have the knowledge to do it alone. From the start Noel was great, the programme started with a long base training phase. This led on to a steady workload increase but it felt natural.My contact with Noel was via email, and he was there for any additional questions or adjustments. I would let him know my work schedule and we could work around that. I got encouragement and reassurance when it was needed. We made a plan to enter some 10k's and a half in the training programme , and Noel's words of wisdom in the build up to these was invaluable. Where previously I would have treated these are runs, there were now RACES, and I had to make race plans, nutrition plans, and get my head around what I wanted to achieve in these races.

What have you achieved? How do you feel now?

I got my sub 4... I have put that to bed. I feel relieved, pleased, ambition met. I have achieved 8 months of a training programme, and gained knowledge of running at difference speeds to increase my overall pace. I am now thinking of the next challenge, with less miles!!Noel's knowledge is vast, his dedication to my goal was commendable and I am so grateful for his time and energy!


I had been running for general fitness and weight control with a local running club and had made a few friends that I regularly went running with for social runs. I’d done a few races but not many. I ran Brighton Marathon in 2015 and just missed out on a good for age time so I decided to contact Noel about helping me get faster. I wanted my good for age at Brighton 2016 and I wanted a Parkrun (5k) pb and a 10k pb.

During this time some of my running buddies were getting injured and/or not doing as much running and I was worried about solitary training. Noel helped me structure my training week and establish a routine. We worked closely together to set a realistic training programme that would fit around my work and family life. Anything unmanageable and too overwhelming would be a waste of time from the start. Noel was really understanding about the pressures of family life and was able to offer sound advice and practical solutions when friends and family doubted my efforts and ability. He was really good at making me feel more confident and believing in myself.

So every Monday morning I'd be waiting for him to email my schedule! If I felt unsure or had a wobble of confidence, I could get straight back to him and feedback would always be immediate. To start with it was just a case of getting to know what I had been doing and what I was capable of and my limitations (often in my head rather than my legs!) If it was too much we'd agree to scale it back. Then gradually we were able to increase my volume and intensity. Holidays and sickness etc would always be taken into account.

Noel would keep a training diary for me and I’d keep a daily record of what runs I'd done and how each session had felt. How the weather was and other general moaning! On Sundays at the end of my training week I’d email my notes back to Noel. If I ever felt anxious or nervous before certain sessions or long runs, Noel would always be available for reassurance and a bit of an ego boost.

Noel also has lots of extra advice on nutrition and hormone support, correct footwear and clothing plus he has contacts with physios, podiatrists, personal trainers etc if required.

I feel fitter, stronger and more confident than ever before as a result of training with Noel. My self esteem has greatly improved an I’ve finally been able to quieten the negative voices in my head telling me I can’t because I know I can!


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