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I'm really passionate about helping normal runners with the frustration & anxiety of getting the most out of your training. If you worry about wasted training time & efficient use of your efforts my plans are a great option for you.

Race entries aren't cheap and then to dedicate so much of your recreation time to training only to get to race day and not have the day you want is heartbreaking. My simple plans will give you the race experience you deserve. They're suitable for that first 5km or the pb marathon attempt and everything in between.

I help a wide range of runners from the young single, relatively time rich to the parents who need help with a suitable structure around their busy lives.

Work, life and family create a unique personal circumstance, my plans will wrap around your life to give you the plan you need. Whether thats balancing training with children or a busy career (or both), it might be just your unique stress, I aim to deliver a plan that will relieve rather than add to your stress loads.

These plans can't do the work for you and I won't be holding your hand every day, but they will allow your commitment to be realised. Working with me will give you the freedom not to worry about what training to do or when. It will stop you switching from one idea to the next and deliver you with consistent training to achieve the race you want.

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